Want to Grow as a Leader? Learn to OverCommunicate

The communications process is a component of every aspect of life. Organizations are made up of people, and communications patterns are complicated. Let me take a moment and introduce the concept of “over-communicating.” It is vital to over-communicate in all we do—both online and offline. Note to reader: Communications involve all processes between sender and receiver, so this does not mean we simply talk or write more. The goal is maximum communications efficiency and effectiveness (green … [Read more...]

Our Story Matters: Make Every Moment Count

On Feb. 3, I faced one of the scariest events of my life. I was grilling hamburgers for my family—like I have thousands of times before—when suddenly the grill exploded due to a propane leak. I am so thankful that I was inside the house instead of the deck when this occurred or I would not be writing this to you. (I needed to grab a spatula to flip the burgers, and was gone for all of 45 seconds.) My wife and three daughters did great and got out, as well. We all made it, but our home suffered … [Read more...]

Saving Money is a Client’s #1 Desire. Or, Is It?

As I travel across the country, I am asked how important price is in the buying decision. Yes, it is a key part of the purchasing process. Note: I said “a part” not “the part.” However, if you are focusing solely (consciously or unconsciously) on saving money for clients… you are missing part of the bigger picture. You need to find ways to save them money, yes, but this should come under the value you offer. Value= price + goods/services + YOU. If you offer a ton of value… something may “cost … [Read more...]

UNITE vs. UNTIE: Small Changes Make a Big Difference

By Ryan Sauers As I have been giving recent speeches, I have opened my remarks with the following  statement. I ask the audience to reflect upon two words that are not that different in  appearance, but quite different in meaning. The two words are UNTIE and UNITE. You see, the two words are comprised of the exact same letters. The only change is    switching the place of the letter “T” and “I. What does this mean? When “T” is in front of  “I” we get the words UNTIE which means things are … [Read more...]

Don’t Be a Sloth: Treat Time As Your Most Valuable Resource

My oldest daughter recently got a job at one of my favorite “fast food” places Chick-Fil-A (CFA). Being that I live in Atlanta, where it is headquartered, they are everywhere. Also, I know many of the stores owners and some of the Cathy family (founders). Needless to say, I am a fan. Why do I bring this up? First, they offer something that all of us can do a better job of in our organization. They do not say “next customer;” they say “next guest.” Yep, we are treated special, and they mean … [Read more...]

Lowest Price is What Matters Right? No. Sell VALUE!

  This is a podcast interview we did with ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute)  a few  months back. It discusses why price is a factor in all we do but value makes all  the difference. Here is a link to the podcast  and some of  ideas shared here came from Ryan's most  recent book Would You Buy from You? Your Brand Makes the Difference. Please let us know your thoughts. @RyanSauers … [Read more...]

Goodbye Elevator Pitch: Meet 17 Second Challenge

Let’s say you have 17 seconds to make a convincing, credible and concise point. Could you do it? I often pose this question to printers and promotional companies around the country. They don’t enjoy what I call the “17-second challenge” at the moment, but, in time, they will tell me how much it helped them reflect and change. I hope it does the same for you and makes you think at a deeper level. I came up with this concept after hearing the term “elevator pitch” (an approximate 20- to … [Read more...]

How Bad Do You Want It?

If you you want something badly enough, you will find a way. And if you don’t, you will find an excuse. It is amazing how many organizations are “stuck.” They are stuck in old patterns of thinking. They are stuck in the new training in which they’ve invested. They are stuck in the past. They are stuck with all kinds of new social media and marketing tools. They are stuck with a new salesperson they have hired. Why settle for being stuck? Remember, if you want something bad enough you will … [Read more...]

3 “I” Words to Consider in: IPhone, IPad, IPod World

We must be looking around to see all the change that is taking place in our world. Our world is constantly connected and rapidly moving, showing no signs of slowing down. So, what do we do? A few different things. The most successful sales professionals are not only goal-oriented, but growth-oriented as well. This means once they achieve a goal there is another set they desire to achieve. In addition, they are continual and lifelong learners. In this post, the focus will be on three “I” words … [Read more...]

Your Email Address and Your Brand

Have you ever thought about where a person’s email address comes from? Does it have something to do with their brand? Yes it does. Watch this one-minute video as I explain this concept in more detail. First, you have to think of their email name. It is likely unique to their brand in some way. Does the name tie to their birthdate? Their name or nickname? Their hobby or favorite number? I have seen people do all of these. Second, we should consider (as most people do not like changing email … [Read more...]