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Brand Quarterly  |  So What, Why You, Who Cares? Your Brand Makes The Difference

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Are You Lazy Man LinkedIn?

March 2015

Beyond Paper | Interviewed in the cover story pg. 5

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Are You a Leader or a Laggard?  |  Guest Column (half way down the page)  Do You Have a Blank Sheet of Paper Mindset?

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Your Brand Makes All the Difference

February 2015  |  How to Market Your Business With Self-Promos

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Leaders Love Blank Paper

ASI Wearables Magazine  | How much time should I spend on email?

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Do You Wonder What Happened?

January 2015

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Please Stop Using the Word “BID” | Brand Commandments

Brand Quarterly | Would You Buy From You?

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Great Leadership is Built on Consistency

November 2014

Print + Promo  | Page 16 -Would You Buy From You; Your Brand Makes a Difference

August 2014 | Brand Commandments-The Stone-cold reality Article | Sales Page 7 | #HashtagHysteria


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Printing Impressions | Right Noise: Lifting Your Message Above the Din

Printing Impressions | In Sales, Face It…It All Comes Down to Price

June 2014

Printing Impressions | Do You Want More Time?

Printing Impressions | Best Blog…Really?

Printing Impressions | Social Selling Mindset

May 2014

Printing Impressions |Don’t Think Outside the Box -Break the Box!

April 2014

Printing Impressions | Passion: A Key Ingredient in Leadership

Printing Impressions | Time Out

Print and Promo | Interview and article

Printing Impressions | STOP. Collaborate and Listen

March 2014

Printing Impressions | On the Phone or Away from my Desk

Printing Impressions | In Sales, Take the Road Less Traveled

Printing Impressions | Great Leaders are Consistent

Print & Promo | Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve

February 2014

Printing Impressions | “Free Sales Information”

Printing Impressions | “3 Important Sales Questions to Ask”

January 2014

Printing Impressions | “Conflict in the Family Business”

Printing Impressions | “Blank Sheet of Paper”

Printing Impressions | “Do You Wish You Had More Time?”

December 2013

CANVAS | “Head versus Heart”

Printing Impressions | “The Family-Run Printing Company”

Printing Impressions | “What Type of Company is Yours?”

UMAPP | “Hashtag Hysteria”

November 2013

90 Day Entreprenuer | “How Bad Do You Want It?”

Printing Impressions | “Lazy Man LinkedIn”

Printing Impressions | “Three Wrongs Make a Right”

Print and Promo | “Buyers Do Not Care About Your Stuff”

October 2013

CANVAS | “To Grow or Not To Grow”

Printing Impressions | “Sales Obstacles are Real Opportunities”

Printing Impressions | “One Shalt Remember These Words”

Printing Impressions | #HashtagHysteria

September 2013

Print and Promo | “How Bad Do You Want It?”

Printing Impressions | “Below the Surface Thinking Begins with Why”

Printing Impressions | “Good Content is Okay, Great Content Rocks!”

August 2013

CANVAS | “Buyers Don’t Care”

Printing Impressions | “Do You Have #TweetCred?”

July 2013

Print and Promo | “The Value of Taking Return Calls”

June 2013

CANVAS Magazine | “How Do You Process Information?”

May 2013

Print and Promo | “Which Way to Go?”

Expo East | “Brand Expert Sound Off”

April 2013

Print and Promo | “Everyone is in Sales”

CANVAS | “Game On- Understanding Think First, Speak First”

Print South | “How Competant is your Organization?”

March 2013

Media Inc. | “Your Brand of Communication”

Print and Promo | “How Competant is your Organization?”

February 2013

CANVAS | “Your Adaptive Communications Model”

Print and Promo | “So What, Why You, Who Cares?”

The Daily | “Don’t Say Print is Dead”

Print South | “So What, Why You, Who Cares?”

January 2013

Print and Promo | “Your Brand of Communications”

WEARABLES | “Your Brand of Communications”

December 2012

CANVAS | “Great Content is Key”

November 2012

Our Town | “Meet Ryan Sauers”

October 2012

CANVAS | “Your Brand of Communications”

August 2012

CANVAS | “Overused Expressions, Please Go Away”

Print and Promo | “The Art of Loving Negotiations”

July 2012

Blog Talk Radio | “Everyone is in Sales”

June 2012

Wearables Magazine | “Separate the Good from the Bad”

CANVAS | “Everyone is in Sales, Right?”

Summer 2012

Printing Industries of America Magazine | “Everyone Has a Brand”

Promo Marketing Magazine | “Q&A by Michael Cornell”

Small Business Roundtable | radio interview-“Everyone is in Sales”

April 2012

CANVAS | “So What, Why You, Who Cares?”

March 2012

ADVANTAGES | “Pesky Clients”

Spring 2012

Printing Industries America Blog | “The Importance of Two-Way Communications in Sales”

February 2012

CANVAS | “How Competant is your Organization?”

January 2012

Print Profession | Mission Possible

December 2011

CANVAS | “Social Media: One Tool in your Marketing Mix”

October 2011

CANVAS | “Which Way To Go?”

August 2011

CANVAS | “5 Characteristics of a Leader”

Integrated Print Forum | “Everyone has a Brand”

June 2011

CANVAS | “Before You Hit Send”

April 2011

Wearables | “Everyone is in Sales”

CANVAS | “Great Leaders Share Common Traits”

February 2011

CANVAS | “Beware of the Blind Spot”

January 2011

ASI | “8 Ways to Improve Customer Relationships”

Ezine | various posts

Business Blogs Hub | “Everyone is in Sales”



Schedule of Events



28 | Onsite Private Client Sales Workshop- Winston Salem, NC


15 |National Presentation for Graphics Association


Business Confidential Radio Show Interview

April: Hosting Marketing Matters with Ryan Sauers

MAY: Presenting National PPAI webinar



10-11 | Speaking at PPAI EXPO Las Vegas, NV


29| Speaking at Lawrencenceville Rotary Club


1 |Speaking at Snellville Commerce Club

18|Private company sales/marketing workshop Washington, DC


11-12| Speaking at PSDA P2P Summit Nashville, TN


Teaching Entrepreneurship- Point University


13 |National webinar for SGIA


15| Speaking at SAHMA Conference Jacksonville, FL

17 | Speaking Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce

30|Speaking (private company) conference- Park City, Utah


14 |Speaking at SGIA show Las Vegas, NV

17 | Speaking at PPI Conference– Vancouver, WA


5-6 | Speaking at PICA Conference Hilton Head Island, SC


2015 Schedule of Events


Teaching Business Communication- Point University


Teaching Organizational Behavior- Point University

Teaching Entrepreneurship- Point University


1  | Gold Coast Promotional Products Association Fort. Lauderdale, FL

20| ASI Radio Show

Septemberryan sauers picture fast signs holding newspaper

Teaching Entrepreneurship- Point University


22  | Speaking at FAST SIGNS International conference- Charlotte, NC

26 |Presenting for National Webinar for SGIA


Teaching Business Communication | Point University, Atlanta


9  | Speaking at Print & Promo Distributor Connect- Ft. Lauderdale, FL


16  | Speaking at Kentucky CPA Conference Louisville, KY

17  | Speaking in at the National Print Owners Association in Orlando, FL


Teaching Entrepreneurship |Point University


26 -27  | Speaking at Graphics of the Americas in Miami, FL


4 | National Webinar Series on Would You Buy From You: Printing Industries of America

7 | National Webinar Series on Would You Buy From You: Printing Industries of America

12 | Speaking event -Local business owners– Stone Mountain Business Village Association

21 | National Webinar Series on Would You Buy From You: Printing Industries of America



Teaching Business Communication | Point University


4 | Part 2 Webinar Series for Printing Industries of New England for executives

12 | Part 3 Webinar Series for Printing Industries of New England for executives

13 | presenting at Ohio Society of CPA’s conference | Columbus, OH


23 | private company sales training event for national sales force | Dayton, OH

29 | Part 1 Webinar Series for Printing Industries of New England for executives


18 | 2014 XEROX national presentation | Dallas TX


27 | (TV Show) Atlanta Live show  Channel 57 WATC  7pm | Atlanta,GA

27  | Speaking at: Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce | Loganville, GA


19 | Speaking at Tucker Business Association | Tucker, GA


12-16 | Speaking at Advantages Road Show | Southeast

22 | Presenting sales and customer service marketing workshop | Buffalo, NY


3 | Presenting National Webinar for Graphic Arts Association

24 | Speaking at Graphic Arts Association | Philadelphia, PA


Teaching Entrepreneurship | The Point University

18 | Speaking at Lilburn Business Association | Lilburn, GA


Teaching International Business | Point University

25 | Speaking at PINE Events Roundtable | Windsor, CT

25 | Speaking at PINE Events Roundtable | Westford, MA

26 | Speaking at PINE Events Roundtable | Southborough, MA

27 | Presenting to executive leadership team (all day workshop for private company) | Hartford, Connecticut


Teaching Entrepreneurship | Point University

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