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May-June 2015 UMAPP Newsletter (Guest article)

Brand Quarterly  |  So What, Why You, Who Cares? Your Brand Makes The Difference

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Are You Lazy Man LinkedIn?

Beyond Paper | Interviewed in the cover story pg. 5

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Are You a Leader or a Laggard?  |  Guest Column (half way down the page)  Do You Have a Blank Sheet of Paper Mindset?

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Your Brand Makes All the Difference  |  How to Market Your Business With Self-Promos

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Leaders Love Blank Paper

ASI Wearables Magazine  | How much time should I spend on email?

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Do You Wonder What Happened?

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Please Stop Using the Word “BID” | Brand Commandments

Brand Quarterly | Would You Buy From You?

Print + Promo  | Leaders Look Up -Great Leadership is Built on Consistency


Printing Impressions | “The Family-Run Printing Company”

Printing Impressions | “What Type of Company is Yours?”

Printing Impressions | “Lazy Man LinkedIn”

Printing Impressions | “Three Wrongs Make a Right”

Print and Promo | “Buyers Do Not Care About Your Stuff”

Printing Impressions | “Sales Obstacles are Real Opportunities”

Printing Impressions | “One Shalt Remember These Words”

Printing Impressions | #HashtagHysteria

Print and Promo | “How Bad Do You Want It?”

Printing Impressions | “Below the Surface Thinking Begins with Why”

Printing Impressions | “Good Content is Okay, Great Content Rocks!”

Printing Impressions | “Do You Have #TweetCred?”

Print and Promo | “The Value of Taking Return Calls”

Print and Promo | “Which Way to Go?”

Print and Promo | “Everyone is in Sales”

Print and Promo | “How Competant is your Organization?”

Print and Promo | “So What, Why You, Who Cares?”

Print and Promo | “Your Brand of Communications”


Print + Promo  | Page 16 -Would You Buy From You; Your Brand Makes a Difference Article | Sales Page 7 | #HashtagHysteria

Printing Impressions | Right Noise: Lifting Your Message Above the Din

Printing Impressions | In Sales, Face It…It All Comes Down to Price

Printing Impressions | Do You Want More Time?

Printing Impressions | Best Blog…Really?

Printing Impressions | Social Selling Mindset

Printing Impressions |Don’t Think Outside the Box -Break the Box!

Printing Impressions | Passion: A Key Ingredient in Leadership

Printing Impressions | Time Out

Print and Promo | Interview and article

Printing Impressions | STOP. Collaborate and Listen

Printing Impressions | On the Phone or Away from my Desk

Printing Impressions | In Sales, Take the Road Less Traveled

Printing Impressions | Great Leaders are Consistent

Print & Promo | Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve

Printing Impressions | “Free Sales Information”

Printing Impressions | “3 Important Sales Questions to Ask”

Printing Impressions | “Conflict in the Family Business”

Printing Impressions | “Blank Sheet of Paper”

Printing Impressions | “Do You Wish You Had More Time?”


Our Town | “Meet Ryan Sauers”

Print and Promo | “The Art of Loving Negotiations”

Blog Talk Radio | “Everyone is in Sales”

Printing Industries of America Magazine | “Everyone Has a Brand”

Promo Marketing Magazine | “Q&A by Michael Cornell”

Small Business Roundtable | radio interview-“Everyone is in Sales”

ADVANTAGES | “Pesky Clients”

Printing Industries America Blog | “The Importance of Two-Way Communications in Sales”


Integrated Print Forum | “Everyone has a Brand”

ASI | “8 Ways to Improve Customer Relationships”

Ezine | various posts

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