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Client Testimonials/Recommendations

Read (below) what Our Valued Clients Have to Say

“Ryan was an excellent sales and marketing resource and a good sounding board. His relationship-based philosophy speaks to the nature of our sales and customer service, and I recommend you read his work.”

Jody Hey

“We have used Ryan's sales training services online as well as in person with great satisfaction. Ryan helped our CSR staff become more comfortable in selling situations and provided them with tools and skills to be more successful. No doubt we will call upon Ryan again in the future when necessary.”

George Stewart

“I first met Ryan as a doctoral student. A requirement of our first class together was for each student to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality assessment. Outside of Ryan's natural extroverted but caring exuberance, he impressed me with his deep understanding of the tool and could compare and contrast between MBTI and other assessments like DiSC. Later, I found out that Ryan was certified in both instruments, and regularly used them in his consulting practice. I was so impressed by his command of the material and his approach to leadership development and communications training that I hired him to assess my entire leadership team and to run an all-day training session. He brilliantly weaved in the MBTI results to teach best practices in communications and how to work together more effectively once one understands individual personality types. We also discussed how this knowledge translates into improved company results and a more satisfied workforce. I highly recommend Sauers Consulting Strategies LLC for assessment, coaching, culture, and strategy development.”

Tim Elwell

“Ryan has presented at two of our Fall Conferences and hit all the marks required. He was engaging, informative, entertaining, and prepared. As a meeting planner/organizer for a non-profit, it’s not always easy getting everything organized. We lean on speakers to bring their best, and Ryan did just that. I will hire him again.”

Carrie Epps

“Ryan was a godsend. I run a great company with really good people, but I'm a lousy sales manager. Then, of course, managing salespeople became the most frustrating part of my business, but as we all know one of the most critical parts of the business.
Ryan came in and – unlike most sales consultants who merely want to sell their 'system' to you – he took the time to listen to us. He learned about us, our systems, culture, people, customers – then worked a custom program out with the ownership for a path to increase our success. These are challenging times, and the way of doing business has changed. Having Ryan on our team is the key to navigating through these challenges. I am proud to be associated with Ryan. He is a man of integrity and vision, who honestly cares and values people.”

Marcus Newton

“I've hired Ryan a couple of times to present to members of our association, and each time his consulting is well received and memorable to attendees. I believe it's because he's a natural teacher. He's an authentic person with a genuine desire to help and teach others.”

Christine Hagopian

“Working with Ryan has been a great pleasure. Each of the many times we brought Ryan to our company, he added value. He brings new ideas to the table, which allow people to think differently about the culture and work flow that they are a part of. I can easily recommend Ryan as he is someone you can trust to take you to the next level.”

Matt Crowe

“Working with Ryan for a year in his position as consultant to a family-owned company was one of the highlights of my 30 year career. He had the ability to analyze, assess, ask the hard questions, and tell the truth. He was able to understand the culture and see what changes needed to be made in certain areas at an astounding speed. Other areas took more digging, but he did so with patience and thoughtfulness. He inspired me to strive harder and be aware of my blind spots. His association with my company made me a more productive employee, and gave my company the suggestions and direction they needed to get back on the path to success.”

Mimi Sigworth

“Ryan Sauers was one of the highest rated speakers at the NPOA conference. This is the second time we have worked with Ryan, both times with presentations around his books, and this has been very popular with our attendees. Survey comments included ‘timely good information,’ ‘engaging, energetic speaker,’ and ‘my favorite from both days.’ I would recommend Ryan to anyone looking for a great speaker on sales and time management.”

Becky Whatley

“Ryan worked with our office and helped train me in sales. I found Ryan's suggestions and tips to be very rewarding and helpful. The knowledge that I gained from working with Ryan has set me on a successful path. I would recommend other companies work with Ryan, as he has a lot to offer.”

Gina Rice

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