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"Ryan Helped us Achieve Organizational Change Through Strategic & Creative Recommendations"

–Satisfied Consulting Client

Consulting involves bringing in an outside firm to help fix or improve organizational issues that demand an objective outside perspective. As a consultant, our job is to look at what is really going on and make recommendations based on what we see, learn, read, observe, etc. Our mindset is to come into any new assignment with an open mind and to make objective recommendations. This allows organizations to understand and see themselves in new ways. In many cases, in the early stages of consulting, we share what an organization needs to do to improve, what it is doing average in, and what it is doing great in. Strategic courses of action and training are recommended for each unique client.

Consulting clients are helped in a variety of ways. Some assignments are organization-wide, while others relate to specific segments of the overall company. We include training with all parts of our consulting efforts. Oftentimes, we begin our work with the upper management/executive team. From this point, we can determine what needs to change and the reasons why. Understanding organizational culture is our firm’s expertise. Change management requires a vast amount of experience, along with the change tools and theories that have been proven over time. We will apply these principles to your specific situation.

Since every consulting assignment is unique, we create specific recommendations to help you achieve your goals. The duration of time for each assignment will depend upon its complexity; but no matter how long the process takes, we will make it simple, doable, and affordable. This saves everyone time – which is everyone’s most valuable resource.

We spend a great deal of consulting time doing training work, such as customer service, sales, and marketing training. These areas cannot truly grow without strategic coordination of the training with the overall consulting assignment, as well as top company leadership’s buy in of both. Our consulting firm works to assist you to grow the front-end of your business, as well to focus on top-end growth to achieve more profitable sales.

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