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"Inspirational, Educational and Entertaining Speaker."

–Quote from Session Attendee

Ryan Sauers is a dynamic, educational, and experienced national speaker. He has spoken at hundreds of conferences, meetings, associations, retreats, and events throughout the country. His firm offers a variety of speaking services that include such presentation topics as: leadership growth, time management, communication skills, customer service improvement, sales growth, marketing strategies, and personal branding.

Each type of speaking service is customized to meet your specific event’s goals and objectives (keynote, workshop, panel discussion, facilitator, presenter, etc.). A speaking engagement can range from a 45-minute opening or closing keynote speech for a large group, to a breakout session for a mid-size group that runs 75-90 minutes. For smaller groups, speaking “morphs with training,” and Sauers can go deeper into the topic, making the experience more “in-depth” in nature.

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Sauers arrives early to greet attendees and stays after he is done speaking to talk to people one-on-one. He often tells attendees, “I am no better than you because I have a microphone.”  I am just a regular guy with expertise on this topic.” His down to earth style has been received well for over a decade.

Sauers can also emcee events. His approachable, high-energy, and humorous style makes any event enjoyable and memorable. He not only entertains, but educates audiences, And he keeps things moving fast and fun, which allows him to play a key role in making your event an amazing success. Sauers works well with event planners to make sure everything is perfect. And, when things don’t go as planned, his natural knack for ad-libbing helps him to adapt to last minute changes.

We all learn in different ways, and Sauers shares information with attendees in a variety of ways so they can gain the most from the presentation. He bridges real world experience and academic theory, and blends them with humorous stories that will keep the audience actively engaged. With Sauers’ tremendous energy, he delivers every ounce of his passion, integrity, creativity, and expertise to every speaking engagement. And, as an event planner, you can relax knowing he will always do MORE than what he promised to do.

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