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"Sauers is a Communications Expert."

- Satisfied Client

"Our Goal is to Make Your Life Easier in Every Interaction We Have – Rest Assured My Name's On it"

"Sauers is a Communications Expert"

- Satisfied Client

"Our Goal is to Make Your Life Easier in Every Interaction We Have – Rest Assured My Name's On it"

Meet Ryan

Ryan T. Sauers is President/CMO of Sauers Consulting Strategies. The firm consults with the front end of small to medium-sized profit and nonprofit organizations across the United States. Key focus areas include: sales growth, personal branding, organizational strategy, and marketing plans.

A national speaker and global columnist, Sauers was recently recognized as one of the top 80 CMO’s in the world, as well as a social media thought leader. He is an adjunct university professor teaching leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship to current and aspiring business leaders. In his hometown of Atlanta, Sauers is the owner of Our Town Gwinnett Monthly Magazine (two editions).


Would You Buy from You? Your Brand Makes the Difference

Would You Buy from You? Many people cannot answer this question or struggle with it only to find that their best response is a “maybe” or “uhhh, I guess” or the noncommittal “it depends.” If You Would Not Buy from You, then why would anyone else buy from you? The answer is simple… ORDER NOW

Everyone Is in Sales: From the Ball Field to the Boardroom

Everyone Is in Sales. Yes, that means you. Until now, the concept of sales has been looked at as a job description of a salesperson in an organization. Sales is often viewed in a negative light. No more. This book successfully re-frames the concept of sales to communications. Every encounter in life involves communications… ORDER NOW

Ryan's Blog

Some cool tips, advice, and other business related content.

4 Ways to Improve Sales Training

There are many ways to go about training salespersons. And, most people who have been around any time in business have seen the "good, bad, and ugly" in sales training and effectiveness. Thus, today, I want to introduce you to the EEEC model built on four key sales training principles.…

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FEB 2019 Interviewed on the Radio: Sales and Marketing Insights

Click on the link below for a great radio show interview on RADIOX... where we shared insights in a round-table table discussion on air on sales/marketing.    

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