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3 “I” Words to Consider in: IPhone, IPad, IPod World

ipod ipadWe must be looking around to see all the change that is taking place in our world. Our world is constantly connected and rapidly moving, showing no signs of slowing down. So, what do we do? A few different things. The most successful sales professionals are not only goal-oriented, but growth-oriented as well. This means once they achieve a goal there is another set they desire to achieve. In addition, they are continual and lifelong learners. In this post, the focus will be on three “I” words that will help us become better in our sales efforts.

1. Incredible: What do you bring to the table that is amazing? What do you do that makes people stop, pay attention and remember what you said so it can be shared with others? What do you do that is remarkable? What do you provide that is extraordinary? If you recall from what I mentioned above, our world is constantly connected; thus, in order to break through the noise and differentiate our brand, we must be incredible in what we say and do. Anything that is incredible is something that will stand out no matter how busy our world is. Is your message incredible? Does it stand out from all the other “noise” and capture a buyer’s attention? If not, you must begin operating at this level. Every week. Every day. Every moment.

2. Intentional: Are we purposeful and deliberate in all that we do with our brand? Do we work diligently to keep it consistent throughout all mediums (online and offline) and take the time needed to ensure consistency? Whether we are talking to someone in person, texting them, or posting something on a social network, it is essential that we are intentional in our approach. We must consciously think through what we are saying/sharing in one area of our life and ensure that it matches up with the other areas of our life. We should always protect our brand carefully. And anything we do, say, share or write should be carefully considered so that it fits with our authentic brand. Be deliberate in all that you do in your sales, marketing and branding efforts. It makes you more human and stand out above the noise.

3. Informative: What type of information are you sharing with prospects and clients? The high level of content that is expected of you, as a salesperson who must think as a marketer, is unprecedented. Do you provide information that helps your customer sleep easier? Do you share ideas that they have not had time to think about? The information you share should be educational in nature and should save your customers time from having to find it themselves. Your content should be enlightening so that traditional concepts can be viewed in new ways. Is the information you share of value? Is it relevant to what they are struggling with and need answers to? You must provide helpful and timely information on a regular basis to be deemed informative. Note: don’t bring cookies to your clients, bring great ideas and information.

Take some time this week to think about these questions. From there, you can determine what you are doing well, what needs to be tweaked and what you need help with. And I am always here to help you or be a sounding board. Good luck and let me know how you do. @RyanSauers

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