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Need More Time? Time to Think Differently

By Ryan Sauers

I hope everyone is off to a great September. I do a lot of different things teach week and get to meet/interact with many people across the country. One of the common themes centers around the “seeming” lack of time people feel they have. You know what I mean. We say, “Where did the time go?” Or, that we have been “buried, covered up, slammed, running crazy, swamped,” etc.

It seems our world moves faster with each passing day. However, I want us to consider if that is true. Apple, Amazon, and Google did not make the clock go faster. Yes, we have more technology and information at our fingertips than we can ever consume. And, yes, that amount grows larger by the hour. But one fact remains: we have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week of time. No more and no less.

So, we must slow down and reflect on what we want to do with this precious gift. As I type this, several globally admired persons have recently passed away. It does not matter how much money you have because you cannot buy MORE time. Time is the great equalizer for all of us.

Why wait to do something you dream to do for “one day.” Why NOT now? Why settle? There are people I see who live their lives in a chaotic state and claim that everything is a disaster. It is depressing, and it is also not true for anyone. I encourage you to look at life’s challenges and re-frame the way you want to think about them. Simply said, you can either attack life head on and make time work for you, OR you can let life happen to you and your time will disappear.

I recently got back to working on my Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. People often say I am crazy for taking on more. I say bring it on. And, I am going after my dream, and if I fail – well, at least I tried and did not sit on the sidelines talking about it.

You see, folks, if you want something bad enough in life, you will make time and find a way. And, if you do not, you will find an excuse and say you didn’t have enough time. So, to anyone reading this in any part of the world, I challenge you to stop making excuses, focus on what matters, and make your time count.

I am so very thankful for the wonderful people I get to spend time with and learn from each week. You are special and help provide me with insights I can share to a multitude of audiences. Also, I thank you for your valuable time and attention when reading this post. I know you have many choices where you can spend your “precious time” and I am glad you have given this a read. Until next time, have a great September everyone.

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