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Ryan’s Ramblings

Ryan’s Ramblings

APTOPIX Winter Weather Georgia

  • In my travels, I am really proud that Atlanta is more identified with being the “city that shut down due to 2 inches of snow” than having held the 1996 Olympics.


  •  Why is it is that everyone runs out and buys bread, milk and eggs when it is going to snow?  Is there something special you are going to make with those items? Maybe some French toast?


  •  While driving in 7 inches of snow in the Midwest last week, I wanted to provide a special thanks to the snowplow that continued to follow me at 7:30am.  Note to snowplow driver: I am from Georgia and you are in the snowplow—please get in front of me.


  •  Only in Atlanta do you see a “State of Emergency” called with a second storm on the way when there is only a light rain outside. Note to Governor—you weren’t worried about your reelection by any chance were you?


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