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Collaboration is the new Cooperation

Collaboration is the new face of business. Think of it this way, collaboration is the "new" cooperation.  From large organizations like Samsung and Sony… to smaller ones like two printing companies in Texas– collaboration is a key to success in today's competitive world.  

Do such companies still compete?  You bet.  For example, Wal-Mart sells both Samsung and Sony products; however, such end products (from both companies) have actually been made in conjunction with each other. So are Samsung and Sony– friends or foes?  The answer is– both.  

This is the same for all companies.  Here is another way to think about collaboration.

Why do you think so many musical artists have begun to go on tour together as "co-headliners,"  A recent example is Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw who did this. By the way– I saw their concert in Atlanta and it was great. Both guys are super-stars in their own right.


However, by working together they had to perform 50% as much, were able pull in more fans (i.e. customers) from the other's core fan base and able to have more fun. By the way did we mention how many tickets they sold? Smart thinking huh?

So I challenge you to think smarter and realize that collaboration in 2013 and beyond is vital. It is the trend across the globe. So, why not think smarter? Why keep beating your head against the wall? Collaboration is indeed the "new" cooperation.

Ryan Sauers



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