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Is Your Strategy….Decision by Indecision?

As our firm consults a great deal on leadership and decision making, I would like you to consider this post as it comes to your planning and leadership.

We hear all many types of leadership styles/strategies/philosophies (And-putting my “academic hat” on for a moment)… here are a few of the leadership styles….

  1. autocratic
  2. participative
  3. charismatic
  4. transactional
  5. servant
  6. visionary
  7. transformational
  8. authentic
  9. democratic

Ok, well you get the idea… so here is the point today. There are countless styles, models and articles written decision makingon the best ways to lead your organization.  The goal, however, is to pick the style that best meets the needs of the issue at hand (people, time and place). Second, your goal is to use a style that works for you and those you seek to lead (followers).  Third, and most importantly YOU MUST pull the trigger and make a decision… even if you are wrong.

Oh yeah, remember with no followership there is no leadership.  But… no matter what leadership style you choose… never fall into this trap– making a decision by indecision.  This means that you don’t decide on anything, have no plans, have no direction, and thus your decision is made for you… because you did nothing.

Such a style is simply a by-product of your going whichever way the “wind blows you” as you have created no course of action. You have created no strategy or direction.  By the way, this type of leadership is… “no leadership.”

So, I challenge you to be purposeful, intentional, and deliberate as a leader and in all that you do. And, always remember– you must either define the situation OR trust me…it will define you. 

We are here to help you make your vision a reality and be sure your decision is not made for you by… the worst of all… indecision.


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