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What is in a Name? 9 Impersonal Expressions!

I can't help about blogging on this topic– What's In a A Name?

As this blog exists to make us ponder both the complicated and most basic in human behavior– I felt compelled to cover this.  Why?  Who knows– DUDE! You will laugh more later. 🙂

For the sake of this blog post- lets assume that we are talking about two guys that are trying to converse with each other yet do not OR cannot remember the other person's name. 

So, here goes… my TOP 9 List of expressions you might hear them say… instead of the other person's name:

  1. Hey Buddy
  2. Hey Chief
  3. Hey Brother
  4. Hey Dude
  5. Hey Big Man
  6. Hey Partner
  7. Hey Man
  8. Hey Big Guy
  9. Hey Bro

Ok, well I hope this makes you smile.  I have a lot of neat posts upcoming but sometimes I have to remind my self that the premise of this blog… is to make us "consider" why we do and say the things we do.  Can you think of other expressions?

Have a great week.

Ryan T. Sauers

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