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Paralysis by Analysis

This is a short post to address what many of us feel and never share. It is okay to say this… " I cannot make a decision and I am overthinking things." The common expression for this is "paralysis by analysis." It is important when you begin to let your emotions get the best of you to simply– take a time out.

Go clear your head and think about something different. I challenge you at such times to remember that so many of the things in life… we tend to over think, dwell on, and waste energy pondering… are simply not worth such time and energy. So, take a step back, clear your head and when you are in this state of "paralysis by analysis" remember it is likely that your decision will make little difference and be of small significance a year from now.

If this is a major decision, give yourself permission to be wrong. We all are wrong at times and guess what– we learn from such situations. We are humans… we are wrong most of the time.  Lastly, never forget how small are situation and life is in the overall scheme of eternity. The situation we are confronting may seem huge at the time… but contrasted against the landscape of the universe and eternity it is quite small.

I have to remind myself of these very things as well… so am talking to all of us here. So, when you hear the expression "paralysis by analysis" don’t fret. Instead, take a moment and look at such situations in a new light.

Ryan T. Sauers

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