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Goal Oriented vs.Growth Oriented


I encourage everyone to be goal oriented.  More specifically, to set  SMART goals and follow/track them.  

As a reminder these are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound.  But first let’s review what a ("non SMART" is). EX: My company seeks to increase its revenues in 2013. SMART= NO. 

A SMART goal would be– my company seeks to increase its sales from $10 million in calendar year 2012 to $12 million dollars in calendar year 2013. SMART= YES

So, SMART goals are vital.  However, in this post I challenge you to do more.  Do not simply be goal oriented but become GROWTH oriented.  I teach in college classes all the time…and many students tell me they will "finally be done" when they get their diploma and walk across the stage.  I tell them– NO… your journey is just beginning.  

If your only focus was to get a degree (great goal by the way) than yes, you achieved it… but what is next? We must remain continual learners- AND remain growth oriented. Think of SMART goals as being your actions steps as a "growth oriented person/company."

Are you goal oriented or growth oriented? Why? 



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