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3 types of people = 3 types of organizations


There are  three types of people. The first type are those "who make things happen". The second type are people "who watch things happen" and the third type are people are those "who wonder what happened". Being that people are the very fabric that make up organizations– we can see the same type of culture and "DNA" in organizations… just as we do in people.

Thus, there are 3 types of organizations as well: those that make things happen, watch things happen, and those that wonder what happened.

The "wonder what happened types" are the ones going out of business, filing bankruptcy, losing tons of money, making excuses, and complaining about the world of 2012.

The "watching things happen types" are the ones who are simply hanging around, doing the same things as always, recalling their glory days, and basically refusing to change. 

The "making it happen types" are doing more with more with less, re-inventing themselves, making lemonade out of lemons, and positioning themselves to think in new and strategic ways. They want to convey not simply what they do but why they do it. They seek to provide content to their customers in the manner the customer wants to receive it.

I have seen each type of the aforementioned organizations. The make it happen type ones are the ones who will be running in the years ahead. They are not afraid to challenge the staus quo and miss the ball… if it allows them to get a hit– and yes I like sports. 🙂 

What type of organiation are you? Do you like it or wish to change it? To change requires looking at your organizational culture and is a deep committment. Are you up for the challenge?


Ryan Sauers


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  1. Great post.  I have worked for both and the businesses who are making it happen are my inspiration, as I hope to own my own business in the future.  Looking forward to chatting with you more at the upcoming Social Media @ Work event in Harrisburg, PA on 10/17.

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