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How do you take on a big challenge?

Well the title says it well.  How do you take on a big challenge?  Do you run and hide?  Do you hope it goes away?  Do you pretend it is not there?  Do you hope someone else handles it for you? Do you get overwhelmed? 

At times, we have all likely felt in one of these ways. However, this means we are operating in an ineffective manner. So what do you do? Glad you asked– peanut gallery.

There is an old expression in business that asks: How do you eat an elephant?  The Answer: One bite at a time.

No, I am not planning on eating, riding or hanging out with elephants– but the idea is still the same.  An elephant is very big.  Think of the elephant as your big challenge.  You have to eat (in this case that huge elephant).  We all start by thinking — there is no way this can be done.  But, it can be done. How?  Through a slow and methodical "one bite at a time" mindset.

How long will it take?  Who knows? But in the end you will have taken on and overcome your challenge. However, your approach must be daily, dedicated, disciplined, and determined.  The "4 D's."

Like the post I wrote the other day "never back up and never back down." 

So when facing a challenge change. Try this idea. Change your word choice to an opportunity. And, know that in few years you will look back on this time and see (if you do these things) how much you grew from the "challenge/opportunity." 

Until next time…  "KPF"  Keep Pushing Forward

Ryan Sauers



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