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Great Content is King- continued from CANVAS magazine

Welcome Canvas Magazine readers.  Here is the "continued and integrated" information you are looking for. 🙂

This provides some additional great content that you will enjoy reading. It provides you with the "why" behind the expressions you read and both– adds value to and helps the article make sense.

The best three responses to the question below get their choice of what was promised in the article… so if you have not read it– you don't know what was offered.

Question: after reading this background information on the expressions– which ones– do you think need to take a "hike" and go away?  Why? 

Flavor of the month: more at

Catch 22:  more at

For the other phrases from CANVAS article 

(Go to main page–>)  (then search by alphabetical letter)

Good luck or break a leg. (Inside joke).

Ryan Sauers




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