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Saving Money is a Client’s #1 Desire. Or, Is It?

time-equals-moneyAs I travel across the country, I am asked how important price is in the buying decision. Yes, it is a key part of the purchasing process. Note: I said “a part” not “the part.”

However, if you are focusing solely (consciously or unconsciously) on saving money for clients… you are missing part of the bigger picture. You need to find ways to save them money, yes, but this should come under the value you offer. Value= price + goods/services + YOU. If you offer a ton of value… something may “cost more” but be a more viable overall option for someone… making price a non-issue or minor issue.

So, in today’s world the greatest currency/resource anyone has is their TIME. You cannot get it back, cannot carry it forward, cannot make more of it, and cannot be two places at once. Do you hear many people saying “I wish I had less hours in the day?” No, you get the idea.

Therefore, we must focus on making every minute meaningful. We must become more human in approach and focus on the person we are talking to not at the numerous distractions around us. This article applies to all human beings no matter what your job title is or what industry you work in.

It is about helping our clients and providing them much needed headache and stress relief.  To aid them, we must provide true value. This value must be centered on helping them with their top desire… (not saving money) … but the need for more time.  So, begin thinking of ways you can you help clients free up time so they are under less stress. You will be amazed at the results.

Also, begin to study the words people say… and you will see what I mean. People say (among many other similar things): I am slammed; buried; swamped; snowed under; drowning; covered up etc. Ok, there you go… just a few expressions to think about.

Folks, that’s the mindset of most people I know. If you understand this mindset you can solve these issues… and make their lives easier. You can save them time. And in turn, they win and YOU WIN.  Saving money then becomes a footnote under everything else in the value proposition.

Ryan T. Sauersis President/CMO of Sauers Consulting Strategies and is a best-selling author, national speaker, and consultant.

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