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Clarity: A Key Component of the 5 C’s of Effective Communications

Clarity (n) – the quality or state of being clear

The definition you see above is from Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. Do you find it ironic that the definition for clarity does not give you a straight answer?

Clarity has become obsolete in our society along with proper English. “Did u get the msg i snt 2 u elr?” has become the new way to converse with teens and adults alike. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time deciphering the true message from a sea of shortened words and acronyms. Clarity has died in our world.

Unfortunately we cannot afford to lose our ability to communicate clearly. Communication is what gets us what we want in the world: jobs, food, relationships, and lifestyles. If you can’t communicate then you will not survive.  Clarity is what gives a string of letters and words a meaning.

When you speak to others whether physically or virtually, it is key that the tone you wish to convey is the tone others hear. For instance when you need an assignment in a rush it is inefficient to use words such as “ASAP” or “soon.” These words do not convey a tone of immediacy. Instead try “I need it now.”  When you communicate you must be sure your words do not give off the message that you are angry or upset. UNLESS YOU ACTUALLY ARE!!!!!

Clarity is what will keep your clients coming to you for their needs and will make the world a much happier place. It is frustrating to speak to someone and have no clue what they said. Humans are inherently social but our lack of clarity is disabling our society.

Please do not continue to contribute to this epidemic.  Your challenge is to simply think of what you want to say before you say it and ask yourself these questions: What am I trying to say? How am I trying to say it? How would I feel if someone said this to me? This method is infallible and will better every aspect of your life.

Happy Communicating!

Guest Post: by Lauren Taylor- Intern for Sauers Consulting Strategies


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