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The Secret to Sales Success

Are you seeking to uncover the secret to sales?


Have you read a lot of information over the years of what you should do to gain more sales? Have you attended workshops and training to gain information on ways to improve? Well, this includes most of us, right? In this post, I am going to share some ways to improve in sales.


1. Always mirror the body behavior of the person you are talking to. This means that if they are relaxed in posture you should be as well, and if they lean forward so should you.
2. Be certain that you use the other person’s name frequently when talking to them. Individuals like to hear their names.
3. Always be sure to use a power handshake. People respect a strong handshake.handshake-440959_640
4. Be sure to use common business buzzwords when you talk to someone. This allows you to find more common ground with the other person.
5. Be bold and talk a lot. This will show the other person how knowledgeable you are.
So, there you have it. Does this make sense to you?


if I got your attention with the ABOVE items, this was the plan. You see, these are sales tips that will make you come across as gimmicky and unauthentic in the sales process. Do some of these work? Maybe. Are they taught? Yes. However, they are not genuine and my recommendation is these are five things that you should NOT do. For more things not to do/say in sales watch this video: Opens in a new window

cooperate-437511_640So, what should you do, then?

Glad you asked. Be real and follow the recommendations listed below.
Here are the five things (for real this time) that will help you achieve sales success.
1. Be creative. This means be yourself. Only you can be you. Thus, be certain that your approach is creative and unique. This is always appreciated by another person.
2. Be passionate. You must believe in what you do 100% and love what you do. Such passion is contagious to others and they will desire to spend time with you.
3. Become a great listener. This means hearing another person out fully and completely. You should be listening to what the person is saying and not thinking about what you are going to say next.
4. Provide valuable content. You must bring great content to every sales encounter. This does not mean you should be a “know it all” but you should always provide valuable information to others so they want to hear what you have to say.
5. Be authentic. This means to be the same in all situations. Sure, we all make mistakes but it is how we handle these things good or bad—and in a transparent manner—that builds trust.
So, there you have it. You can clearly see some “techniques” in the first five things I told you NOT to do. Again, do they work? Maybe. But, they are frowned upon and give sales a bad name. And, they are simply ways to manipulate behavior.
In the second five items, we share principles that meet the needs of human beings. We all love being around creative people who are passionate. We love to be listened to and desire to learn valuable information. Finally, we seek to be around those that are down to earth and consistent in behavior.
So…the secret to sales is quite simple. Keep it simple, be real, love what you do and care more about others than yourself. This is a biblical principle, and it’s so true. Have a great week.

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