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2015 Mindset: Break the Box

cardboard-box-161578_1280We have all heard the think outside the box expression many times in business.

I have heard it countless times and I am not sure people realize that they are even saying it anymore. As I have mentioned this topic while speaking, I will blog on it here. Instead of thinking outside the box, I challenge you to break the box in your thinking. Let me say it again…break the box,. Let me explain it even more. Tear the box, destroy the box, step on the box, shred the box…and decide to no longer be defined by the “confines of a box.”robot-162087_1280

This expression think outside the box dares us to peek out…

but isn’t this also limiting? What does box even mean? Let’s think about it is as there are boxes everywhere. Most people sleep on a “bed/box,” talk on a “phone/box,” tweet/text from a “smartphone/box,” type on a “laptop/tablet box,” eat from a “drive thru/box lunch,” drive to work in a “car/box,” and set their wake up call on an “alarm/box,” etc. No wonder people are so comfortable with box-type thinking.
Here is the challenge. Be the leader who is willing to approach life in a unique and unorthodox way. Furthermore, look at every obstacle and see the opportunity that lies behind it. You see, behind every problem lies a solution.
To be a top performer we must think, act and behave in a different manner than everyone else. We must not be adverse to trying new ways of doing things and/or taking calculated risks. I call this “zig/zag” thinking. snow-lane-81156_1280If everyone zigs do not be afraid to zag. Sometimes you will be wrong but you will always be wrong if you are not willing to take the “road less traveled” or try things in a new way.


never settle and always seek to find better ways to do things, and then, make them a reality. I call this “as if” thinking. As if you could do them today. Define your day or let it define you. It is simple and this is what a “break the box” mindset is all about.
Black and White

This style of thinking is uncomfortable to many people in business who love a simple, black-and-white (no gray), four walls up, procedure-following, technical and box-oriented world. However, to compete now and the years ahead in a rapidly moving and changing world demands that your box go away to allow free energy, creativity and unbridled ideas to occur.
What box do you face? Are you now sick of hearing the word box?

Good, then break it.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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