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What do you do with your 168?

First you may be thinking, Ryan, what is my 168?

Glad you asked.  It is the number of hours 24 x 7 we each have in a week.  No more and no less. So, always remember that time is the great equalizer.
So, here is my question: are you purposeful, deliberate and intentional with how you use your 168?
It is really quite simple in life as we have two choices. We can go through life with no plan (drifting like a leaf in the wind from place to place) or in contrast we can–  have a guiding strategy in all that we do.  You see– where we go long term is based on our hourly, daily, weekly and yearly decisions. It may not seem that way but it is true. Each decision we make, each hour, day, month and year… add up.  If we are strategic in our thought process we will end up where we want to be.
So, I stress again that we must all be purposeful in everything we do–and this is especially in our time management.  We must be deliberate online and offline.  Said another way, be intentional in our actions. And, also consistent in the things we choose to spend time in/on OR that we do not choose to spend time in/on.
Bottom line facts= we all have the same amount of hours (168) a week.  
Are you purposeful, deliberate and intentional with your time?
If not what can you change to ensure you are?
Ryan Sauers

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