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7 Steps to Become the Worst Salesperson Possible

depositphotos_4664632-Awesome-guyI am unorthodox in my approach to teaching salespersons so that they can grow. I thought you might as well know that now before you read this post. So, let’s look at this process of sales success backwards. What things do ineffective salespersons do?

If you are doing any or all of these things, simply said, you are going the wrong way. Thus, this also means the opposite behavior is what you should be doing, saying etc.

  1. Be sure to tell everyone possible that today’s buyers only care about price.
  2. Comment frequently on how hard it is to get past the gatekeeper and/or to get calls returned.
  3. Be sure to point out that people don’t value relationships/loyalty like they used to.
  4. Create as many excuses as possible of why you do not have time to prospect and develop new business
  5. Go into each day, week, and month without a plan and to tell people you are too busy to create one. (running ragged, buried, slammed etc)
  6. Spend the majority of your time doing things that you do not need to be doing and little time on your bottom line sales activities.
  7. Complain a lot. Really give it to people. Tell them what your company doesn’t have…can’t produce, your lack of help etc.

OK, so there you have it. I really want you to reflect on this list. Put it on your phone, your car dashboard, your bathroom mirror and your refrigerator. You see, if you will just follow these seven things I can assure you that you will be ineffective in sales.

Is this you? Is this your company? If so, we may need to talk. But, only if your goal is NOT to be the worst salesperson possible. The choice is yours. Those who want sales success bad enough find a way to make things happen; whereas the salespeople who do not want to succeed find an excuse. Which are you? What road are you on?

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