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The 5 C’s of Effective Communications– an Overview

Communications is an integral part of our society. On a daily basis, babies cry for food, teens negotiate with their parents, and adults convey their thoughts to their peers. However all of the previous examples are considered ineffective unless the audience understands the message that you are trying to present.

Take the last sentence for instance; did you understand what I was trying to say?

Probably not.  That sentence was neither clear, consistent, nor creative, and did not display my content in a way that made a connection with you, the reader.

Think of your favorite speakers-Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, or my personal favorite, Mahatma Gandhi. All of these speakers use the Five C’s of Effective Communications unintentionally, and it makes them stronger communicators.

The Five C’s of Effective Communications include clarity, consistency, creativity, content, and connections.  If you simply include these qualities of communications in your daily life, your business and personal relations will improve.

In the next five blog posts I will go more in depth with each “C.” By the end of this blog series, you will be prepared to take on the world- at least in terms of communications.

Until next time,

Lauren Taylor

(Intern with Sauers Consulting Strategies)

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