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Break the Box Thinking


Break the Box! Let me say it again…

Break the box…Live outside the box, shred the box… and dare not to be defined by the "confines of a box."

Why is it that so many people today are confined by the proverbial "box" and seem to remain content in the comfortable confines of a box. We all here the "expression" think outside the box…but is this not limiting? What does it even mean?  Think about it…

Most people sleep on a "bed/box" talk on a "phone/box", email/tweet from a "IPhone/Android/blackberry/box", type on a "laptop/box", eat from a "drive thru/box lunch", drive to work in a "car/box", and then set their AM wake up call to be made from a "alarm clock/box" etc. No wonder people are so comfortable with box type thinking. 

Organizations are no different than people– as organizations are made up of people. 

I challenge everyone who seeks to be a leader who "lives outside the box"  and one who seeks to break the box! Furthermore, look at 2012 as it is, and see our organizational problems for what they are… etc. instead of looking at them as worse than they are. You see– behind every problem there is a solution. 

So as leaders– let’s focus– on seeing things that others do not see and being people who are not adverse to trying new ways of doing things and/or taking calculated risks.  I like to call this "zig/zag" thinking. Let’s work to find a better way to do things… and then make these things a reality.

Living outside the box, is uncomfortable to many who love their simple, black and white (no gray), four walls up… and "box oriented" world. However, to compete now and the years ahead– the box has to go away and the four walls must come down to allow free energy, creativity, and unbridled ideas to occur.

What box do you face? Do you like the confines of your box? Will you break the box?

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Ryan T. Sauers

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