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Your Brand: Must Stand Out Beyond the Noise

14459487_sWhy is it that we hear a car alarm going off these days and barely think twice about it? We barely hear it. In contrast, 15 years ago we would have stopped everything we were doing to see what was going on.

Why do I bring this up? The distraction of the car alarm mirrors the noise that takes place all around us in 2014. Why do I say there is noise everywhere? Think about a restaurant as an example. You go to a restaurant and music is playing, televisions are on, info is scrolling across the TV screens, people are laughing, phones are ringing, texts are beeping, and people are tweeting.

The more mediums we have to compete with the better our message must be in terms of being compelling, clear and concise so we can pull people in.

My question for you is short and simple.

Why does your message matter? Does it stand out from the noise around you? And who really cares? Does it really make a difference or simply sound like everyone else (visualize a car alarm going off in a shopping mall parking lot)? Does it really grab people’s attention?

Our communications via phone, e-mail, text, in person and/or via social media are more important than ever. They make or break us as sales and/or marketing professionals. They make or break us as leaders. Do we influence people in an authentically creative way and break through the noise barrier around us? If not, we stand the chance of sounding like the Charlie Brown characters… you know– WAH, WAH, WAH, WAH.

PageLines- brand.pngIs your message unique?

Do you provide great information and content? Are you creative, consistent and credible in your approach? What are you bringing to people that causes them to want to pay attention. Do you know? If not you must think about this.

In a world that is constantly changing we must think with a “car alarm mentality.” That means thinking about how we get someone to pay attention to our message?

Your challenge is to think about this. In 17 seconds or less, can you articulate “so what, why you, who cares” in regard to why you or your company is the best choice? Please do not mention good price, service or quality. Let’s roll… best answers get (well you will just have to wait and see).

27282512_sBEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP…

Game on!

More info can be found on this subject in my first book Everyone Is in Sales and a second book on branding and differentiation is in the works.

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