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Embrace a Blank Sheet of Paper Mindset

sales and marketingSo how does your blank sheet of paper look? How do you want it to look? How many people do you have working for you at your current company that are A-plus quality and irreplaceable? Do you want to define the moment or let the moment define you? The choice is simple and is yours to make.

How many things should your sheet include that you have not thought about in regard to our rapidly changing world in 2015? Do you wish these things would go away so you can read more posts like this and then do nothing—you know, the same ‘ol, same ‘ol? Ok, then ball up your paper and throw it away. However, don’t contact me as I am not interested in such a mindset.

In contrast, I greatly want to connect to those businesses that are scribbling and making notes on this blank sheet of paper—the people that feel some emotion to do something from reading this post. You see such people/companies are willing to try but simply are not sure where to start. And, guess what? That is ok.

So, in closing, please remember this: Character in life is not simply about getting better, but it is having the courage to make the time, investment and take the first step. Character is in the trying. OK, the challenge is out there.

Don’t be left with a blank sheet of paper and a “someday aisle” mindset. Let’s talk about your once blank and now scribbled on piece of paper. The post will be covered in more detail in my upcoming book Would You Buy from You?

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