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Why You Should Keep Your Name

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I was asked a question in a phone interview:

“Should printers change their names to reflect that they can do more things than print?”

In other words, should you change your name to include something like “media, communications, marketing etc?” Here was my answer. It was not overly long. Ready? It was one word…”No!” You see, it makes no difference. You can change your name to whatever you want, and if you are not providing great content, value and consistent solutions to your customers, then the name dilemma is simply irrelevant.

For example,

let’s say you are a printer named Johnson Press (made this one up) and you offer great ideas that help your customers grow. If this is true, I promise you that they could care less, as could I or anyone else, what your name is. Let’s contrast that with your being a long-term printing company and you change your name to Johnson Communications.


What are you gaining beyond your goal to “disassociate” yourself with the words print or press. What’s in a name? A lot. It is your brand, your Differentiating Sales Factor and your DNA. It is a big world out there, and today’s competition for printers is not just the guys down the street. It is different industries, online options and related industries to printing that now offer print services.

So, who does a buyer trust?

That is what makes all the difference to today’s most successful printing companies. They are out there. They are really busy. They are growing. They take time to plan. So, what’s in a name? Whatever value you consistently bring day in and day out to your prospects and customers. Value does not mean dropping off donuts. That’s lazy person sales, and a topic for another blog. So, what is your take? Agree or disagree? Does a printer’s changing its name make a difference in the market? Why or why not? The best answer gets a free signed copy of my “Everyone Is in Sales” book. Good luck.

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