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#Hashtag #Hysteria

#Hashtag #Hysteria

Well it seems there is a #hashtag signaling a new trend or buzzword everywhere we look. This article is focused on
growing your sales, so I am going to take us through some questions to consider #SauersStyle in our “new world” of
hash tags—as it relates to sales. #HereWeGo

Are you focused each day on maximizing your sales activities? #GoldenSalesHours Where does your time go each
day/week? We have 168 hours in each week. No more or less. Time is the great equalizer for all mankind. Are you
pleased with how you are using your time? #TimeIsValuable

Do you focus on using multiple communication mediums to connect with prospects? #ProspectingMediumsMatter
What goals do you set each month to help you improve your sales performance? How good are you at tracking them?
#SalesGoalsMatter Do you market your brand in a manner that makes prospects and customers want to talk to you?

How original are you in your sales approach? Is your style creative or boring? #CreativityTrumpsBoring Do you
realize that the average person (buyer) you are selling to hears many “sales pitches” a week that say the same thing
you do? #CharlieBrownSales #WaWahWaWah

My objective in this post is to make you determine your “why” of what you are doing each day in your sales activities.
Why are you doing what you are doing? What are you spending your time on? Is it the best use of your time? Are you
doing things in a unique manner that helps position you as an expert in what you do? #QuestionsToConsider

#HaveAGreatWeek and why you are at it have some fun in your sales activities this week.

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