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Remember the Name

One of my favorite topics is branding.  You know we all have a brand.  And remember, our brand is not what we say it is but is what others day it is. How do people remember you? Well that is your Brand of Communications.  It is covered in depth an entire chapter of my Everyone Is in Sales book.

You want people to see you as distinct, memorable, and unique, right? If so your  brand should be consistent online and offline and in every aspect of your life. Do you know how others define you?  If not this is a blind spot in your brand of communications and you need to find out. So, ask people that you trust.

So, as the artist Fort Minor says, "give people 100% reason to remember your name."  After all, it is your brand… so the choice is yours as to what  you do with it.  

What is your brand all about?

Do you give people an easy way to remember your name?

Ryan Sauers

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