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Has Social Media Replaced Direct Mail as a Marketing Tool?

I commonly say that “social media marketing is "A" tool not "THE" tool in one's overall tool kit”. Moreover, much of the traditional printing and mailing industry dislikes social media– as some feel social media has taken away from the importance of direct mail. This argument is not true—because social media if done well… simply enhances printing and mailing if and integrates into an organizations overall strategy.

So, direct mail, thus print and mail, has indeed changed but most definitely has “not died”. On the other hand, many people who are “experts: in social media look at printing and direct mail as an "old school" and unnecessary marketing activity. Many suggest Social Media will cure all of your marketing woes; however they have not looked at the recent trends in direct mail being a “welcome” change of pace to our “online– all the time” world. Simply said, it is still really effective.

My argument is that they are both tools are important. One cannot afford to overlook the benefits of direct mail or social media without considering how they tie together. Neither of the tools are free– as they all take time and money. Many people fail to realize that social media is not “free.” It is free to use, yes, but someone has to handle all of the information and oversee campaigns… and unless they are a really nice volunteer (and if you are such a person contact me) someone is being paid to use/oversee these tools, campaigns etc. So in short—my suggestion is to see where your audience is and then determine the best ways to connect with them based on how they prefer (surveys may be needed) to be communicated with. For more info visit:

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