Want to Grow as a Leader? Learn to OverCommunicate

The communications process is a component of every aspect of life. Organizations are made up of people, and communications patterns are complicated. Let me take a moment and introduce the concept of “over-communicating.” It is vital to over-communicate in all we do—both online and offline. Note to reader: Communications involve all processes between sender and receiver, so this does not mean we simply talk or write more. The goal is maximum communications efficiency and effectiveness (green … [Read more...]

UNITE vs. UNTIE: Small Changes Make a Big Difference

By Ryan Sauers As I have been giving recent speeches, I have opened my remarks with the following  statement. I ask the audience to reflect upon two words that are not that different in  appearance, but quite different in meaning. The two words are UNTIE and UNITE. You see, the two words are comprised of the exact same letters. The only change is    switching the place of the letter “T” and “I. What does this mean? When “T” is in front of  “I” we get the words UNTIE which means things are … [Read more...]

Lowest Price is What Matters Right? No. Sell VALUE!

  This is a podcast interview we did with ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute)  a few  months back. It discusses why price is a factor in all we do but value makes all  the difference. Here is a link to the podcast  and some of  ideas shared here came from Ryan's most  recent book Would You Buy from You? Your Brand Makes the Difference. Please let us know your thoughts. @RyanSauers … [Read more...]

How Bad Do You Want It?

If you you want something badly enough, you will find a way. And if you don’t, you will find an excuse. It is amazing how many organizations are “stuck.” They are stuck in old patterns of thinking. They are stuck in the new training in which they’ve invested. They are stuck in the past. They are stuck with all kinds of new social media and marketing tools. They are stuck with a new salesperson they have hired. Why settle for being stuck? Remember, if you want something bad enough you will … [Read more...]

3 “I” Words to Consider in: IPhone, IPad, IPod World

We must be looking around to see all the change that is taking place in our world. Our world is constantly connected and rapidly moving, showing no signs of slowing down. So, what do we do? A few different things. The most successful sales professionals are not only goal-oriented, but growth-oriented as well. This means once they achieve a goal there is another set they desire to achieve. In addition, they are continual and lifelong learners. In this post, the focus will be on three “I” words … [Read more...]

Your Email Address and Your Brand

Have you ever thought about where a person’s email address comes from? Does it have something to do with their brand? Yes it does. Watch this one-minute video as I explain this concept in more detail. First, you have to think of their email name. It is likely unique to their brand in some way. Does the name tie to their birthdate? Their name or nickname? Their hobby or favorite number? I have seen people do all of these. Second, we should consider (as most people do not like changing email … [Read more...]

Building a Brand: Please Pay Attention

Why is it that we hear a car alarm going off these days and barely think twice about it? We barely notice it. In contrast, 10 years ago we would have stopped everything we were doing to see what was going on. Why do I bring this up? The distraction of the car alarm mirrors the noise that takes place all around us in 2015. My question for you is short and simple. Why does your message matter? Does it stand out from the noise around you? And who really cares? Does it really make a difference … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Become the Worst Salesperson Possible

I am unorthodox in my approach to teaching salespersons so that they can grow. I thought you might as well know that now before you read this post. So, let’s look at this process of sales success backwards. What things do ineffective salespersons do? If you are doing any or all of these things, simply said, you are going the wrong way. Thus, this also means the opposite behavior is what you should be doing, saying etc. Be sure to tell everyone possible that today’s buyers only care about … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Brand? Yes, Everyone Has a Brand.

We communicate a message in everything we do – and it’s especially true when we use the term “brand.” All the time we discuss brands we prefer and those we do not. Why? Because brands stand out in our minds. Think about our instant recognition of Nike’s “Just Do It” or Apple’s “there’s an APP for that” campaign in recent years. These messages are effective in connecting customers with the brand. The goal is to make such a brand experience personal in nature. For example, are you a Coke or … [Read more...]

Face it: Sales is All about Price

This is an open letter LeBron James style that I am writing through this post.  LeBron chose Sports Illustrated a few months back and my choice was first LinkedIn but now here again here in my Blog. You see this title and know it is true. You tell me this all over the country.  You see, in 2014, sales is quite simple.  It all comes down to who has the lowest price. If you get your pricing tight, then you have a chance of winning some business.  If you cannot do this, then buyers will not … [Read more...]

Make Things Happen! Do You?

After years of consulting with privately owned companies of all types/sizes, several things have become clear. There seems to be a logical way to group organizations into one of three types. The first group is the one that makes things happen. These guys are the ones acquiring other companies, diversifying, thinking about2016, make time for planning and are in growth mode. Based on my first-hand experience, this makes up a small number of the companies I observe. The second group is the one … [Read more...]

Embrace a Blank Sheet of Paper Mindset

So how does your blank sheet of paper look? How do you want it to look? How many people do you have working for you at your current company that are A-plus quality and irreplaceable? Do you want to define the moment or let the moment define you? The choice is simple and is yours to make. How many things should your sheet include that you have not thought about in regard to our rapidly changing world in 2015? Do you wish these things would go away so you can read more posts like this and then … [Read more...]

2015 Mindset: Break the Box

We have all heard the think outside the box expression many times in business. I have heard it countless times and I am not sure people realize that they are even saying it anymore. As I have mentioned this topic while speaking, I will blog on it here. Instead of thinking outside the box, I challenge you to break the box in your thinking. Let me say it again...break the box,. Let me explain it even more. Tear the box, destroy the box, step on the box, shred the box...and decide to no longer be … [Read more...]

Would You Buy from YOU?

Yes,you read the question correctly. Would you buy from you? At first, you may be thinking—duh, Sauers—of course I would. However, it is amazing how when I drill in on this subject while training, salespeople and owners alike begin to say something like “well, uh, ummm, huh, yeah, I guess.” Really? If you would not buy from yourself, then why would anyone else want to buy from you? I have an example of the confidence, not cockiness, it takes to be successful in sales. Take a cornerback in … [Read more...]

The Secret to Sales Success

Are you seeking to uncover the secret to sales? Have you read a lot of information over the years of what you should do to gain more sales? Have you attended workshops and training to gain information on ways to improve? Well, this includes most of us, right? In this post, I am going to share some ways to improve in sales.   1. Always mirror the body behavior of the person you are talking to. This means that if they are relaxed in posture you should be as well, and if they lean … [Read more...]

What’s Your Brand of Communications?

By Ryan Sauers We communicate a message in everything we do. The word brand is one that is used frequently in our conversations. We discuss brands we like and those that we do not. Why? All brands stand out in our mind for some reason (good or bad). Successful people and organizations are cognizant of this and work hard to develop their brand—through effective communications. This process includes building a recognizable brand name in the eye of the beholder. So, what does this mean to … [Read more...]

Why ask Why?

Young children have the habit of asking “Why?” Often, as parents, it is easy to become annoyed with the nonstop stream of questions. “Daddy, why is the sky blue?” “Why do I have to go to bed now?” Why? Why? Why? If you’re a parent you know what I mean. Why did we ever stop? The simple question of “why?” teaches us, as parents, to better communicate with our children and teaches us, as adults, to not settle for a simple answer. Asking “why” made us functioning members of society, yet we gave … [Read more...]

Are You Passionate About Sales?

The word “passion” is defined as any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. I argue that when any great salesperson or sales strategy is examined, positive passion will be found. Passion that is channeled in such a positive direction is an incredibly powerful thing. Many of the greatest communicators (Walt Disney, FDR, JFK and Martin Luther King, to name a few) possessed strong passion as part of their communications strategy. This is why people were so eager and willing to follow … [Read more...]

Which Way Do You Want Go?

It seems that everyone or every company I speak to in the printing industry is facing the same concerns, questions and fears. Here are some of the questions I hear. How do we increase our sales? How do we keep from cutting our prices? How do we stay in business? What does the online world mean to our pricing? How will it affect our future? What is social media “really” all about and what does it mean to us? Should we focus on what we do best or diversify? What is it that we do best? What type … [Read more...]

Your Brand: Must Stand Out Beyond the Noise

Why is it that we hear a car alarm going off these days and barely think twice about it? We barely hear it. In contrast, 15 years ago we would have stopped everything we were doing to see what was going on. Why do I bring this up? The distraction of the car alarm mirrors the noise that takes place all around us in 2014. Why do I say there is noise everywhere? Think about a restaurant as an example. You go to a restaurant and music is playing, televisions are on, info is scrolling across the … [Read more...]

The Value of Taking (and Returning) Phone Calls

It seems that nearly every week a printing or promotional company tells me the people they are calling on do not return messages. I hear this from sales staff, as well as executives and/or ownership. But the same people complaining—oftentimes executives—are usually not good at getting back to the salespersons who are calling on them. I hear executives say, "Put them in voice mail—it is a salesperson, right?" Also, they may instruct the receptionist to tell the … [Read more...]

Sales Obstacles Are Real Opportunities

  In the printing industry, many salespeople see obstacles as objections and view them in a negative light. They view obstacles as things that get in the way of what they are trying to accomplish. Many salespersons have been taught (through good or bad training) how to “overcome an objection.” Assuming such training was good, then learning how to overcome an objection is good. And, if you’re satisfied with just being good then read no further.   However, … [Read more...]

Buyers Do Not Care!

Today's, focus will be on print buyers. One thing has become clear to me, after having time with print buyers across the country. They do not care! So, you are thinking, “Ryan, what don’t they care about?” Good question. Well, first there is no (for the most part) full-time print buyer in today’s world. There are people, such as a communications manager or a marketing director, who oversee this responsibility among many other duties. And, they see printing as a … [Read more...]

9 overused expressions… Please go away!

Ok, this is a list of overused expressions that I am tired of hearing. :-) So, I thought I would blog it away.Over time I will add more based on your feedback-- so keep it coming.Here we go...It is what it isSkin in the game30,000 foot viewNo worriesCompare apples and applesGive 110%win/winThink outside the boxDrop the ballOk, that is all for now.  But, "really"  oh yeah-- really is another one-- can we try to avoid these canned expressions?Just want to make you think.Have a … [Read more...]

Why do we think the way we think?

Today's blog post is part blog, part podcast.  I thought it would be fun to mix it up. So, this topic of why we think the way we do-- came to mind? You will hear my thoughts in the audio file and I begin with an example about Lebron James that we can all realte to. Why we think the way we doLet me know your thoughts.  Enjoy.Ryan Sauers   … [Read more...]

What do you do with your 168?

First you may be thinking, Ryan, what is my 168?Glad you asked.  It is the number of hours 24 x 7 we each have in a week.  No more and no less. So, always remember that time is the great equalizer. So, here is my question: are you purposeful, deliberate and intentional with how you use your 168? It is really quite simple in life as we have two choices. We can go through life with no plan (drifting like a leaf in the wind from place to place) or in contrast we … [Read more...]

Listening– a key component of the Everyone Is in Sales philosophy

If you have not been sure about the importance of listening until now... here goes...It has become apparent to me, now more than ever, in this noisy and rapidly moving world we live in-- that the true skills of active listening are so powerful. I argue that they are more important, in many cases, than is speaking. I guess that is why we hear the expression we have "two ears and only one mouth" for a reason.  Think about it...All human beings (no matter their age, gender, race, … [Read more...]

Everyone is in Sales – Book Overview and Preorder

As the title states, Everyone's in Sales.  You say, “wait, Ryan, I’m not in sales."  Is this not what some of you are thinking? For example, you might be picturing salespersons as those who “over promote” their products and services or themselves at the cocktail party. You may imagine salespersons as those who join online groups and “pitch/hard-sell” you their offerings or come "door to door" in your … [Read more...]